Cultural Immersion Activities In Costa Rica

Become part of IPED's family!
We want everybody to feel welcomed and part of our family. On the first day of classes a  guided tour of the city is given to all the students and several times a week the directors, David and Zaida, go out to lunch with everybody  to one of the great eateries around town.  We even go out dancing  when one of the local dance bands plays at our favorite night time spot. You can go and play tennis or golf with David at one of the most exclusive clubs of Costa Rica.  Also, if you are so inclined you can go swimming in the olympic swimming pool a block away from the school!
Free cultural activities such as dance and cooking classes and informal gatherings with Costa Ricans are available in Heredia.  These interchanges allow you to practice your Spanish and most of all gain an invaluable understanding of the Costa Rican people and their culture that will make your trip unforgettable (see Activities for more detailed information on each of those activities)
At our beach location in Puerto Viejo superb yoga classes can be combined with the Spanish classes. You can have classes at our beach lodge or at the beach itself in one of the most beautiful spots you can dream of. 
Excursions to any part of the country can be arranged by IPED at great student discounts. IPED has made arrangements with hotels, different tours and adventure places such as zip lines, crocodile tours, waterfalls, white water rafting, walking bridges, butterfly gardens, rescue centers, boat trips, jungle walks, turtle watching etc... to be able to offer special prices to our students and take advantage of your weekends or time off. If you come with your family and some of the members don't want to participate in the Spanish program they can still take advantage of our special discounts. We will arrange everything for you including transportation, food and lodging. Relax and leave it up to us to help you plan your trip!